ATO™ AdWords copywriting

ATO (Ad Text Optimization) is recognised as best-practice copywriting for brands advertising on Google AdWords. Indeed, it is just as relevant for other platforms such as Facebook too.

ATO combines Behavioural Science learning and insights, which govern decision making, with the proven principles of brand/direct response copywriting and the science of Google algorithms.

ATO is proven to improve results across the range of analytics and ROI, while also enhancing brand values and upstream brand assets.

ATO also places Behavioural Science within the orbit of testing and analytics, opening up new volumes of data that shine a new light into how Behavioural Science messaging affects Google AdWords performance.

ATO's benefits can be delivered in two ways:

The expert opinion

Patrick Collister, Creative Director at Google Zoo EMEA, talks to The ATO Co about the value of copywriting in Google AdWords

ATO training workshops

The first in-depth AdWords copywriting training workshop designed for media agencies and clients. Led by experienced brand and direct response copywriters who are expert in the science of Google AdWords

ATO copywriting service

Our experienced ATO copywriters work with agencies/clients to write AdWords ad campaigns for UK and international brands.

Behavioural Economics clicks for Google AdWords says new study

June 7, 2016
New independent research shows that when Behavioural Economics based copywriting is applied to ads appearing on Google AdWords, significant increases in response are recorded. The highest result in the study improved performance by 32% and the average increase in response was 13%....
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