International ATO Google AdWords Copywriting

300 in-market Ad Text Optimization copywriters covering 80 territories

ATO (Ad Text Optimization) is specialist Google AdWords copywriting.

The ATO Co employs over 300 ATO copywriters internationally. Each one is an experienced brand and direct response copywriter who has been trained in The ATO Co’s proprietary AdWords copywriting method.

As well as increasing CTRs and ROI, recent research conducted by Google ( points to how AdWords copywriting also has a marked and measurable effect in terms of positive brand effect.

The ATO Co works for agencies and international brands that require high quality response driven AdWords copywriting, adaptation in all the major international markets and global brand consistency.

Official: Google AdWords is an important branding medium

June 30, 2014
It’s something we’ve always known but now Google have proved it. Google teamed up with Ipsos MediaCT and did over 60 search experiments to establish if there was a direct link between paid search (AdWords) advertising and branding.  Users were given keywords to search on, and one ...
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