International AdWords Copywriting for Global Brands

ATO™ AdWords copywriting for global brands

Google AdWords is the only advertising medium that rewards more effective advertising with lower costs. The ATO Co is the only company that specialises in AdWords copywriting for global brands.

The ATO Co has over 300 ATO copywriters in 80 countries worldwide, and with the ATO Metric ad text audit also offers an ad text effectiveness measurement consultancy service.

ATO™ – Ad Text Optimization

ATO (Ad Text Optimization) is specialist copywriting for Google Adwords. ATO copywriting increases CTRs and ROI. Plus, according to Google research, AdWords activity has a positive and measurable effect on brand image.

ATO™ copywriters in 80 territories

The ATO Co works for global brands that demand high quality response driven AdWords copywriting, in-country adaptation in all the major international markets, and global brand consistency. All delivered from a single point of contact.

ATO™ Metric ad text audit

Consultancy service based on an algorithm that measures ad text copywriting for direct response effectiveness and links results to potential Quality Score. Measures ad text effectiveness across international campaigns in up to 80 countries.

How paid search (Google AdWords) can help copywriters click with copywriting

May 12, 2015
Copywriting found an unlikely hero recently in Google's Head of Design, Patrick Collister. I say unlikely because Google isn't normally associated with good copywriting. In fact, Google generally isn't associated with any kind of professional copywriting whatsoever. But perhaps that needs to change ...
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