Story-telling and Google Adwords

Yahoo Summit speaker reveals creative insight

Speaking at Yahoo’s Provoke Summit last week (8 November) as part of Internet Week in London, Andrew Cracknell, former Creative Director and author of The Real Mad Men said, “cleverness of the web” is distracting from the art of storytelling, making advertisers forgot they are in the business of selling products.

Google Adwords is a prime example of this. With its clever technology advertisers select the keywords their potential customers will be using to search for their product, then “simply” write an ad text that sells it to them. Bingo! The advertiser only has to pay for the leads they get.

But as Google’s Chief Economist, Val Harian says  “The problem is that conveying a call to action in three lines of text is a highly specialized skill.“

In a way Cracknell’s comments echo the same thought.  All advertising, whether it appears online or in more traditional media, relies for its effectiveness on how well it communicates, or in the case of a Google Adwords ad, how well it’s written.

It holds true for a global TV campaign, an online viral or even a Google AdWord.