The ATO Co launches Free Adwords Preview Tool

It’s new, it’s free and it does what no other AdWords preview tool has ever done before.

The Adwords Previewer from The ATO Co is a free to use Ad Text composing tool that automatically formats Google AdWords ads as you type.

Advanced features include displaying ad text in all the major Google AdWords formats including for cell or mobile phones. The Adwords Previewer also automatically displays “Ad Text Alerts” when ad text does not conform to Google Rules.

Designed to be a useful interface to make Google AdWords easier to use and more accessible, it also invites users to leave comments and feedback.

Google’s Chief Economist, Val Harian, admits that writing Adwords ads is a big challenge. “The problem is that conveying a call to action in three lines of text is a highly specialized skill.”

He’s right. It ain’t easy – but it just got a little bit easier.

Visit www.adwordspreview.com