PPC storm in a D cup

Ann Summers , the adult retail chain, and their agency iCrossing have come up with a clever PPC idea.  It’s not to do with CTRs and sales, but branding. ..

They bid on keywords relating to ‘budget 2010’ and delivered the only paid search ad on the page, along with some cheeky ad copy: “There’s no recession in pleasure”.  Other cheeky ads that ran included “Visit Ann Summers & find out why we believe in a well hung parliament”. and the story was picked up by the national press.  They cleverly isolated the campaign from their mainstream PPC activity so as not to adversely affect their Quality Scores, but they’ve courted controversy amongst some sectors who say that placing such ads potentially in front of minors is irresponsible.  And Google probably also take e dim view as it has nothing to do with relevant searching. 

However,  there’s no denying this is a very creative use of the medium as a highly effective branding opportunity.  It also highlights that there is a role for creative ideas and creative writing in PPC.  Imagine if a less contentious advertiser had adopted this approach, avoiding the adult content issue.  Everyone would be lauding this campaign idea to the skies.  It just goes to show the difference a little creativity can make, even in how you write small ads.