Chaffing nonsense

Ad agency BBH have a great logo.  It’s a picture of a herd of sheep and one of them is black. 

Or to put it another way if you want to get noticed, you have to stand out from the crowd. 

So what has a high-end creative global ad agency like BBH got to do with online advertising, you ask?  Quite a lot actually, according to a report published recently on the MWK website which looks at research that says only a quarter of consumers believe that brands are providing relevant ads to them online. In other words there’s a lot of “chaff” out there – ads that aren’t relevant.

Mark Redgrave, Chief Executive of OpenAmplify, points out that the problem is exacerbated by the technology, he says marketers are “seduced by the sheer number of ads they can place for minimal cost”.

If online ads are going to work, first they need to be relevant, and second they have to be persuasive, the simple reason being you may not get a second chance.

This also reminds me of the story of the wild west buffalo hunter who was taught to hunt by being sent out with only one bullet in his rifle.  If he missed, he didn’t eat.  Guess what, he quickly developed into a very successful – and fat – buffalo hunter.

Ads, and what they say, matter.  We know this from our own realm of experience, writing higher performing PPC Ads for clients using Google Adwords.  And it’s as true for brands when they’re being promoted by the likes of BBH above the line, as it is when those brands pop up online as well.