Words and pictures on Google AdWords

AdWords image extensions test

I read recently a blog about Google AdWords introducing image extensions. Full article here: http://realbusiness.co.uk/article/23328-adwords-image-extensions-augmenting-sales-and-branding

Basically it said that Image extensions are on the way in Google AdWords, indeed they are in Beta now. Very shortly, it would seem, many top ranking AdWords ads will be accompanied by 3 images at the top of a search results page. “Triffic,” you can hear AdWords advertisers say as they rub their hands together in anticipation of increased CTRs and sales. But wait a minute, where does the “brand” fit into this? And when you start to consider the brand, are image extensions such a good idea after all.

Drawing attention to bad copy

AdWords ads are notorious for not being particularly well written, probably because professional copywriters are seldom involved. And image extensions are sure to bring more attention to the ad text of the ads that feature them. If the ad text is well written and reflects well on the brand this will be a force for good. But, on the other hand, if the ad text isn’t well written, and has sacrificed clarity and correct tone of voice for say hard sell drum beating, then the image extensions could actually be a force for bad, drawing attention to ad copy that damages the brand image.

As we’ve always been told, branding is a 360 degrees operation, which includes Google AdWords. A picture may be worth a thousand words but in AdWords the words that go beside it are very important too.