Two heads are better than one – but not in paid search it seems

In a blog entitled, Artist vs. Scientist: Marketing Best Practices for the Modern Marketer, the blogger makes the point that modern marketing requires two very different mindsets.

To quote the blog, “The Artist has content, visual assets, social media and email marketing in their toolkit, while the Scientist relies on performance tracking, operations, analytics, and campaign dashboards to ensure they’re making the best decisions.”

But what makes the blog interesting is the way they have portrayed the argument, naturally enough with an illustration of two very different people. One is wearing a hoody jacket and the other a white coat – so it’s not hard to guess which is which. Anyway, it’s worth taking a look at it here: http://www.salesforce.com/marketing-cloud/resources/modern-marketing-best-practices.jsp

This got me thinking about paid search. At any big buying agency they will tell you that they have copywriters who write crafted AdWords ads, but very often these “creatives” turn out to be the same people who do all the techy stuff as well. But wait a minute, aren’t these two very separate people with completely different mindsets?

At least this explains one thing, which is why the vast majority of Google AdWords ads suffer from being so badly written. Get experienced copywriters involved and the Scientist types can concentrate on what they’re good at – which isn’t writing ads – and the ads will be a lot more effective. Which, as concepts go, can’t be that difficult for people to get their heads round.
By Paul Booth

Paul is the Chief Executive Officer of The ATO Co, which delivers ATO AdWords copywriting for UK-only and international brands in over 80 countries around the world.