Google clicks with copywriting at last

So Google, through its Double Click subsidiary, have linked-up with a specialist AdWords copywriting company.


This is good news for advertisers, especially international brands who are also the big spenders. It will also prove to be good news for the medium. It’s easy to forget that AdWords is little more than 13 years old, it seems like it’s been with us for a lot longer. But when you think about it, AdWords is barely out of short trousers, and like all youngsters - even very big boys - it continues to change as it grows.

To date, the phenomenal growth of Google AdWords has been fuelled by all things technical rather than creative. But from day one there’s no denying that AdWords has always been a copywriting medium. More than that, a highly demanding direct response one.

When Direct Marketing first emerged, it was done by full service agencies. Then as more people realised that this was actually a highly specialist skill, the DM agency emerged. And what is there to suggest that it won’t be the same story with AdWords. Especially as AdWords is a purely copywriting medium. It’s also one that accounts for more money than advertisers spend on all other forms of Direct Marketing. And unlike any other advertising medium, it actually rewards advertisers who write better ads with sizeable discounts through the Quality Score system.

Like all teenagers, Google AdWords is still going through a few growing pains. By recognising that specialist copywriting has an important role to play in its future development, Google has recognised that its AdWords platform hasn’t just matured as an important advertising medium, it’s come of age.

By Paul Booth

Paul is the Chief Executive Officer of The ATO Co, which delivers ATO AdWords copywriting for UK-only and international brands in over 80 countries around the world.