Official: Google AdWords is an important branding medium

It’s something we’ve always known but now Google have proved it. 

Google teamed up with Ipsos MediaCT and did over 60 search experiments to establish if there was a direct link between paid search (AdWords) advertising and branding.  Users were given keywords to search on, and one group were shown a regular search engine results page, while the other group were shown a specially created results page where the brand appeared in the top search position.  Then they were asked to name the first brand in the keyword category they could think of.

And guess what - results showed that brand awareness increased by an average of 6.6%.  In the experiment, 14.8% of the test group identified the test brand compared to 8.2% in the control group.  What’s more, the effect was noticeable in consumer packaged goods, where brand awareness increased by more than 11%, followed by automotive with 9%.

AdWords copywriting – brand building in paid search

This begs the question how to exploit this exciting new piece of learning, and the answer surely lies in AdWords copywriting.

Google AdWords is a purely copywriting medium. Building brands is what copywriting – and copywriters – are all about. Put the two together and you have AdWords copywriting that increases CTRs and ROI and also enhances branding. More than this, AdWords copywriting takes Google’s experiment a stage further.

AdWords copywriting isn’t just about dropping the brand name into an AdWords ad, it’s about crafting the copy of the whole ad to reflect brand values. What Google need to do now to build on this learning is design an algorithm that measures the enhanced branding effect of AdWords copywriting.  Better still, could AdWords copywriting appear in Google analytics?

Over to you boys…
By Paul Booth

Paul is the Chief Executive Officer of The ATO Co, which delivers ATO AdWords copywriting for UK-only and international brands in over 80 countries around the world.