Google AdWords ad text measurement enters the digital age

How do you measure the effectiveness of ad text? It's a vital question given that AdWords rewards more effective ads with higher Quality Scores, which in turn lower bid prices and earn more prominent positions.

The standard method to date has been A/B copy testing. But measuring poorly written ad text against poorly written ad text isn't going to tell us very much. It's little more than a step up from inspired guesswork, which is hardly an ideal solution for the digital age.

The latest development in ad text effectiveness measurement is set to change all that. It's an algorithm based system that measures the direct response effectiveness of ad text copy. It evaluates both Google technical elements and the proven principles of direct response copywriting to give ad texts scores out of 100. These scores can be further calibrated to reveal potential Quality Scores.

Now, for the first time, agencies and advertisers have an algorithm based ad text monitoring method that they can use in various ways. It can measure the effectiveness of your current ad texts. It can be used to measure the ad text effectiveness of competitors. What's more, agencies can use it as a pitch winning tool by measuring the ad text effectiveness of a prospective client's activity.

It even works internationally, and can be used to measure ad text effectiveness in up to 80 different languages, which is an important consideration for global brands spending millions on AdWords.

However, the real value of being able to measure more accurately the effectiveness of your ad text is that this will reveal how to improve it. And that's what we all want.

Before, ad text effectiveness measurement was a very hit and miss affair. All too often poorly written ad texts were simply compared with other poorly written ad texts and the "winner" deemed to be an effective ad. Looks like those days could now be gone forever.

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By Paul Booth

Paul is the Chief Executive Officer of The ATO Co, which delivers ATO AdWords copywriting for UK-only and international brands in over 80 countries around the world.