ATO™ (Ad Text Optimization) AdWords copywriting

ATO copywriting is specialist copywriting for Google AdWords.

ATO copywriting is a combination of technical knowledge and copywriting craft skills and is made up of three elements:

  • The ATO Metric: an algorithm based ad text effectiveness measurement process.
  • The Method: direct response and brand copywriting techniques which have been specifically adapted for the Google AdWords medium.
  • Copywriting experience: ATO copywriters have a minimum of 7 years direct response and international brand copywriting experience.

    Central control. Local relevance. Global consistency

    International AdWords campaigns for global brands are written by our team of highly experienced ATO copywriters based at our London hub headquarters. These campaigns are then transcreated by our in-country ATO copywriters based in up to 80 territories around the world, with special reference to local culture and use of language to ensure global brand consistency and maximise effectiveness.

    Alternatively, existing campaigns of ad texts can also be transcreated by our global team of in-country ATO copywriters.

    International AdWords ATO™ copywriting process