The ATO™ Metric ad text audit

What it does

The ATO Metric ad text audit is a consultancy service which;
  • informs how to improve ad text copywriting to deliver higher Quality Scores, CTRs and ROI
  • can be used to measure and evaluate current activity, competitor activity and prospective clients' activity
  • works for global brands and measures ad text effectiveness in up to 80 languages.

      How it works

      Google AdWords is a combination of technology and copy. Accordingly, The ATO Metric has been designed to evaluate ad texts based upon a combination of algorithmically measurable elements and proven principles of direct response copywriting.

      The ATO Metric measures each ad text with an ATO score based upon weighted historic in-market results evolving with Google AdWords changes.

      The start point is recognising that when ATO copywriting best practise is applied every AdWords ad has the potential to achieve an ATO Score of 100. The ATO Metric evaluates existing ad text giving it a score out of 100 and shows where ad text can be further optimized to maximise its potential.

      By linking ATO Scores to Quality Score, The ATO Metric can reveal where substantial cost savings can be made. These cost efficiencies can range from making annual budget savings of up to 30% to avoiding overspends of up to 600% per click (source: ClickEquations Inc)

      How the ATO™ Metric evaluates ad text

      The ATO Metric is an indicator of the potential of an AdWords ad text to deliver optimum clicks based on the evaluation of nine key craft and technical elements.