All forms of copywriting are totally reliant on craft skills, and all craft skills are totally reliant on knowledge and experience.

For brands and agencies that require top level support, The ATO Co offers an ATO copywriting service performed by expert ATO copywriters. They each have extensive brand and direct response experience, and are all highly proficient in using The ATO Co's proprietary tools and methodologies that can be used to author campaigns or augment existing activity for clients to test.

Integrated brand approach

Ad Text Audit – existing ad texts are measured for effectiveness using the The ATO Metric, an algorithm based ad text effectiveness measurement tool.

The ATO Co develops an integrated strategy which aligns AdWords activity alongside the other brand communication assets. This often involves a Strategy Director from The ATO Co attending a briefing meeting.

Based on the Ad Text Audit and the integrated brand strategy, AdWords ads are rewritten by ATO Copywriters who all have a minimum of 7 years direct response and international brand copywriting experience, and who have been trained in The Method, The ATO Co's proprietary AdWords copywriting process. Alternatively, for new campaigns without existing ad texts needing to be re-written, the ATO copywriters works straight from the integrated brand strategy brief.


Google AdWords is the only advertising medium that rewards best-practice copywriting with lower costs. The ATO Co has a specialist charity division to help charities fully exploit this revenue maximising opportunity.


The ATO copywriter service is centred in London and operates in 80 countries around the world with native, in-country ATO copywriters transcreating copy with reference to avoiding embarrassing mistranslation and cultural awareness. This represents best practice copywriting for global brands on a worldwide scale.
Finally, testing and evaluation takes place by agency/client and copy adjustments made in accordance with learnings.