ATO for ETAs

The launch of ETAs (Expanded Text Ads) by Google marks a game changer in AdWords advertising. The new format allows for 50% more ad text real estate. This puts the focus on AdWords copywriting like never before.

Better results & better branding

The arrival of ETAs means that ad text copy can now pack more direct response punch to win more clicks.

Secondly, the 50% extra copy real estate creates the room for brand tone of voice to be properly crafted. Previously, all too often brand image has been seriously damaged in AdWords because of too little space and the resulting poor ad text copywriting

This creates a new two-way street. Branding can help to increase performance and ROI while increased results can help improve 360° branding.

ATO & ETAs – a powerful combination

Since Google AdWords launched advertisers have been crying out for an increase in ad text. If clients are going to take full advantage of ETAs then adopting ATO best practise copywriting has to be the way forward.