Ad Text Copywriting Workshop

The workshop includes

The half day workshop is held at agency/client offices and can accommodate groups of up to 12.

The training addresses the four key areas of ATO copywriting for AdWords:
  • Direct response copywriting techniques – attendees learn the 10 key basic principles that govern direct response copywriting
  • Brand communication – attendees learn the principles of brand communication and how to write for "tone of voice"
  • Selling strategies – attendees learn how to recognise and adopt established selling strategies from the world of brand advertising and apply them to AdWords
  • Behavioural economics – attendees learn how behavioural economics principles governing decision making are applied to AdWords copywriting

Style of training

The training is designed around the idea that "what we're told we forget, but what we do we understand." Consequently, the workshop is highly participatory. It's about taking part, not taking notes.

As well as being highly instructional, the training goes beyond being a simple list of copywriting "dos and don'ts" and challenges attendees to think in new ways about the role of AdWords copywriting in the new ETA Google AdWords landscape. Attendees say they find it as interesting as it is informative.

Getting started – "How to" guide leave behind

Copywriting is a craft skill and attendees cannot be expected to become expert AdWords copywriters overnight. However, PPC professionals who have attended the course can start putting the principles into practice from day one.

Every attendee is given a guide to applying the principles learned in the training. It's easy to follow, explains the principles step-by-step, and makes putting them into practice simple and straightforward.

This allows attendees to start writing higher performing ad text copy within 10 minutes of getting back to their desks.


We have found the training is more effective when we have more of an idea of the ad text writing experience of the attendees. So we prefer to have a brief conversation with agencies/clients first so that we can fine tune the training beforehand. If you would like to find out more about the AdWords Copywriting Training Workshop, or make a booking, please use the reply form below.